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Make Your Own Garden Markers

Our family has had a few different gardens over the past couple of years and, although we missed last season with home renovation at planting time, we are ready to plant again. A great way to remember what you planted are garden markers. Most plants come with their own plastic markers, but it is much more fun and festive to make your own.

Wooden fairy wands from a craft store are inexpensive and have enough room for little hands to write the veggie of choice. The wands pictured were painted with chalkboard paint so that they could be used again next season.

Another possibility is decorated rocks. Find rocks large and smooth enough to write your veggie’s name. Use either a paint pen or a small brush and acrylic paint to decorate.

What do you use for markers?

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Inspire your Own Creativity

Ready to tackle a project but just need a little push in the creativity area? Keep reading for a few ways to take your own creativity to the next level.

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