Be Well

Einkorn, an Ancient Grain

Have you ever heard of Einkorn Wheat? Until a few years ago, I had never heard of it. But when I began to learn about it, I realized this was something I needed to know more about. Continue Reading →

Inspire your Own Creativity

Ready to tackle a project but just need a little push in the creativity area? Keep reading for a few ways to take your own creativity to the next level.

• First of all… trust yourself! Know that you have an ocean of amazing ideas inside your brain and heart and it is up to you to bring those ideas to life. Don’t worry if they are not fleshed out all the way in the beginning. If you allow yourself time to work through your amazing ideas, it will all work out, or it won’t and you move on the the next amazing idea in your head. Continue Reading →

Reset Your Day

Earl Grey Tea

Because we are human and imperfect, our days don’t always go like we had planned. Do you have a way to take a little timeout and reset your day? That’s my focus for the next few days in the Creative.Well.Being Community: all sorts of ways to reset and refocus. Just because the day didn’t start out well, doesn’t mean it can’t be redeemed! What do you do you #resetyourday?

My first suggestion on a way to reset your day is with a cup of tea (or coffee if that’s your thing, but tea is healthier…) I try to take a little break in the afternoon for a cup or 2 of green tea. It gives me a minute to take a breath, slow down, and know that what I’m drinking is a natural detox.

Come on over to our Community and join the discussion on other great ways to #resetyourday: