Lighten the Load

When it comes to clutter, I think we all have a bit lying around. Hopefully not like the pic!

Well, clutter can definitely put a crimp in your overall well-being. I have tried so many de-cluttering ideas, but the one that works best for us is to get rid of one thing every day. It is really simple but the beauty of this rule is in how vague it actually is. One thing every day can mean one toy, one item of clothing, or one dish. Or, on a tough day, it can mean one slip of paper and on a “gung-ho” day, it can mean one box or one bag! (Those days are my favorite but they don’t happen that often.)

The point of this is to be mindful of what you can handle each day. If you are naturally drawn to clutter then take it slow and if you are ready to make the move to minimalism then a box it is!

A Fancy Meal That’s Not

This meal right here is my boys’ all time favorite. Every time I ask them what they want for dinner, they say “Pasta with Prosciutto and Peas”. It sounds so fancy, especially when you find out it has shallots and heavy cream too. I had never even touched a shallot before I made this but they are really tasty! They are like a very mild onion.

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A Crafty and Early Autumn!

Just like my post about soup, I push the fall crafting season up too. Even though it is not getting much cooler yet in South Texas, I’m ready to start making! So I looked around at some really great nature/autumn related projects and I thought I would share. How do I decide which one I start with? 🙂 You?

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Get Happy!!

Cue the music! (I love this song!) This summer I was lucky enough to hear Shawn Achor speak. It was an amazing and inspirational talk and after that I had to read his book, The Happiness Advantage. (How had I missed this book before?!?) There are so many great ideas in this book to kick start your own happiness.

His premise is that happiness needs to come first and then success will more easily follow. If you find ways (and there are many in the book) to be happy in the present then you will be more successful in the future in all ways – more productivity at work, more fulfilling relationships, etc. The book is filled with anecdotal and research based evidence to prove his theory and make you want to start work on your happiness immediately. Its the perfect time to GET HAPPY!!