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Start the Day with a Lemon Drop

Water Cropped

I love when simple things can have an impact on Being Well. Well, this one thing is about as simple as you can get! I’m talking about drinking lemon water every single day. Simple, right?!?

Drinking lemon water has great benefits for your health:

  1. The simplest reason is that it tastes good. Plain water (hopefully you are filtering as much as possible to get the chlorine, fluoride, etc. out) tastes kinda bland but a drop of Lemon Vitality Essential Oil or the juice of half a lemon will brighten that right up!
  2. Lemon juice or Lemon Vitality Essential Oil is great for adding a bit of Vitamin C to your daily regimen. Vitamin C is an antioxidant and promotes your own immunity. That is so important these days!
  3. Lemon water consumed every morning can help your digestion move smoothly. Some people even use it to keep from getting blocked up!
  4. I think the most important reason is just to get more water in every single day. If a little lemony flavor helps, then by all means drink away!

Here’s how I drink mine every morning:

  1. I use my tea kettle to add a few inches of hot water to my glass then add cold filtered water to the glass to cool the water to warm.
  2. I add 1-2 drops of Lemon Vitality Essential Oil (I try for one but I seem to always get 2).
  3. Drink it down!

Yep, that’s it! I do this every morning before I do anything else to make sure I don’t forget and to get the most benefits. I’d love to hear how the Lemon Water helps you.

BTW, I only use high-quality essential oils from Young Living since they have their Seed to Seal Promise (seedtoseal.com to learn more. To get started with these awesome oils, email me at susan@susanchilcoat.com or message me on FB.

Mother’s Day DIY

What’s better for a little heart-felt (pun intended :-)) gift than something you made yourself. And this sweet little flower brooch is an easy way to do that. Plus you can personalize the colors that your mom, or other special chick in your life, like best. I used 3 different rough circles (making them a bit uneven adds to the quirkiness of the flower), a leaf shaped piece in the back, a cute button, and a pin back from a craft store. That’s it! I layered them together and stitched through all layers with embroidery thread to add even a bit more color. With the same thread, I stitched on the pin back. Viola! A sweet little gift that’s really good for anytime of the year.

My preference for materials is always natural or recycled so for this I used wool felt (poly felt will work too but wool is softer and doesn’t have that machined look) and a button that I’ve had in my stash – I probably picked up at a garage sale.

The other great thing about this simple little brooch is that it has a dual purpose. It is great to just pep up an outfit but, because it’s wool, it can double as a diffuser. Drip a drop or two of Stress Away or Lavender on this little pin for a relaxing scent all day! I love it when things I make are functional too.

To learn more about what Essential Oils can do for you, click here.



The Spincycle


Need a perfect spring knit? This is it … The Spincycle Poncho. A poncho is great for those cooler days that need a little extra cover but not a full-on coat. Plus this FREE pattern is made with 2 identical rectangles stitched together so it is something you can carry with you and knit while waiting or while watching a movie at home. It is created with stockinette stitch so an easy knit too.

The yarn I used for this was a Tuesday Morning score years ago. Have you ever shopped for yarn there? If you’re diligent and check regularly, you can sometimes find some real treasures.

What’s your next knit?




Go Natural for Wellness!

Gems Sm

Many times in the modern world of today, we discount what natural herbs and medicines can do for us. But that would be discounting the power of nature and what these God-given elements can do for us.

You don’t have to go whole-hog and start foraging tomorrow. It is much easier to start small and be strategic about what you need for your overall wellness. I suggest starting by supporting your natural immunity first with items that can be readily available to you.

I am sharing what we do/take in our family every single day to support our whole body in a natural way.

1. Ningxia Red – this antioxident drink is the first thing we down in the morning. 2 oz. makes a big difference in taming those free radicals that can make you sick.

2. Great Day Protocol – we use the oil blends Valor, Harmony, Joy, and White Angelica in a very specific way to raise our frequencies and support our emotional health. Find out more about the Great Day Protocol here.

3. Super Vitamin C – We all know that Vitamin C supports our health but add essential oils to it and our body absorbs it so much more!

4. Blue Ice Royal Blend – This blend of fermented cod liver oil and concentrated butter oil do so many things for you from heart health to stronger teeth. We all take 2 of those every day. We get ours here.

5. Sulferzyme – this supplement is a powerhouse protecting cells, muscles, connective tissue, etc. It also helps to support immunity. It has helped my hair and nails to be stronger and longer too!

With this list, you can easily improve your health naturally so that when your body is put through any kind of stress, you are much better able to fight it off or heal through it.

If you have questions about any one of these items, please message or email!