Einkorn, an Ancient Grain

Have you ever heard of Einkorn Wheat? Until a few years ago, I had never heard of it. But when I began to learn about it, I realized this was something I needed to know more about.

Einkorn dates way back. In fact, Europe’s oldest mummy, Otzi, had a meal of Einkorn bread in his belly when he died about 3,300 years ago! The crop can be found in mountainous regions of Morocco, France, Turkey, and parts of the former Soviet Union. It survives and thrives on soils where most other forms of wheat do not flourish. Einkorn was among the first cereals cultivated. It’s also the only type of wheat that has not been hybridized! Go clean eating!!

The real excitement for Einkorn Wheat comes in its lack of gluten content. When humans began to alter grains to make them easier to mill and make into bread, they did so by adding gluten. Little did they know down the road this would show up as lots of gluten sensitivities. Now those people may have an alternative! How great is that?!?

The most fun way to take advantage of Einkorn Wheat is to go from grain to bread. When you have the right tools, it is really an easy process. The one thing you do need is a high-speed blender or grain mill. I used my Vitamix with a dry container. I couldn’t believe how simple milling the wheat berries actually was! Throw them in the blender, turn them on low, raise the speed to high, grind for 1 minute, then you have flour! Simple!!

I highly recommend trying this for yourself. It’s a great way to still get bread but in a vastly healthier way. And it’s fun to go through the whole process as they did in the past. It’s Creatively Crunchy!! 🙂

For more info on Einkorn look here: https://eathealthywheat.com/what-is-einkorn/