The Joy is in the Journey

Are you always in a hurry to finish projects? Rushing through steps that become meaningless in the grand scheme of things? I have been guilty of that many times myself. Lately, however, I have been really trying to change the way I approach my projects.

I have been in the discovery process –  finding out that the real joy and contentment comes from the actual process of making. Yes, the finished product is a great accomplishment but don’t discount the journey.

I have found much more fulfillment when I take each part of my project step by step, stitch by stitch. It becomes almost a meditation to work through each knit stitch or papercut or hand-stitched hem. I realized that I enjoyed this so much that I have started making entire sewn garments by hand. No machines involved!

I challenge you to try this for yourself. It truly makes the “making” process much more enjoyable and the finished sweater, or pair of socks, or handmade card, or wall-hanging, or whatever you are putting this mindfulness into much more satisfying and, in the end, more meaningful to the recipient. Even if you are in the middle of something right now, take a step back, breathe deep, and tell yourself to “savor each stitch”.

What project will be more meaningful to you today?