Back to School – Stop the Germs!

My son has recently started back to his sweet little church school and public school starts next week. That means that the germ factories have already started to ramp up. If you put that many kiddos together, it can only mean a drain on immune systems. However, there are ways to support those little systems and keep them running smoothly. Healthier kids means happier moms and families. I know I’d rather be doing just about anything than watching my son suffer with even the smallest of illness.

1. Let’s start with sleep. Yes, it seems so simple but when your body is short on sleep, it can suppress the immune system and even make it harder to get well. School-age kids need between 9 and 11 hours of sleep every night. In our house we have to start early to create those nighttime routines and they don’t always come easy.

2. The next step is a whole food diet. In other words, keep processed foods to a minimum. Our inclination is to send a “lunchable” or sandwich with lunch meat to lunch with your little (or big) student. There are many other better options without the preservatives or chemicals that are not any more complicated. Lots of ideas can be found here) or do what I do: make an extra portion for dinner and send that in a fun lunch box the next day. The smaller amount of harsh chemicals entering the body, the stronger the immune system.

3. Keep those hands clean! Look for something without anti-bacterial properties. The harsh chemical Triclosan can actually cause bacteria to change and become more dangerous so leave that nasty stuff out. Stick to a hand purifier or just a basic soap.

4. There are a few supplements that I recommend for stopping those germs in their tracks:

  • Probiotics or tummy assistance to make sure that gut is really healthy
  • A good multi-vitamin for kids is important but make sure it is not full of sugar
  • And, of course, daily application of essential oils for continued immune support such as Thieves Oil diluted in a carrier oil (like coconut oil) and rubbed on the bottom of little feet and/or Frankincense Oil used the same way. (Please make sure you are using high quality essential oils not oils from the grocery store.)

If you need something more specific for your Back to School, feel free to ask. My passion is helping families dump harsh chemicals and grow up naturally healthy.