Make your Own: Nature Notecards

I am determined to write more notes and send them in the mail – the actual mail, not e-mail. That being said, I am not one to stick to store-bought or the same cards that everyone else can get. I wanted to make some of my own. And they are so easy!

I started with a simple close-up photo of an orchid taken at my local Botanical Garden. You can take a close-up of any kind of plant, even one in your backyard!

There are a few ways to go from there, depending on what is easiest for you. Personally, I loaded the photo into a program like Word or Pages (mine was InDesign) and set it up to print 2 cards per page. From there I simply print on card stock, cut and folded. The cards are ready to go. Here is a .pdf file ready for you to print and use!

I also wanted to try something a little more artsy-fartsy with my photo so I added a watercolor filter to the photo and set up a file to print 4 photos at a time and printed them on watercolor paper (found in any art supply store and usually Wal-mart). I Cut them and affixed them with double sided tape to a brightly colored card stock card. Simple!

Add an A2 envelope available at an office supply or a stationary store and you have a lovely way to send a word – a way to slow down and think about your friend or family in a heart-felt way.