Make your Own – Diffuser Necklace

This was such a fun project! As you can see from other posts, I like to use essential oils on a daily basis and in all sorts of ways. My favorite way (so far) has been on a leather bracelet. I decided to take that concept and put it to use in a necklace.

For this project I put my Cricut to use cutting the leather shapes but scissors or an x-acto knife and a hole punch would work just fine with thinner leather. I also had an old worn out briefcase that I bought at Goodwill to re-purpose for this too.

As you can see, I kept this really simple. Some chain, beads and leather cording from the craft store and you are in business. Place a few drops of essential oil on the back of the leather disc and the aroma stays with you for hours. A little Peppermint Oil for an lift, or a little Bergamot Oil for a feeling of calm, whatever your body needs you can add to the disc. What will you add to your diffuser?

For more information about essential oils and why I use the brand I do, click here.