A Crafty and Early Autumn!

Just like my post about soup, I push the fall crafting season up too. Even though it is not getting much cooler yet in South Texas, I’m ready to start making! So I looked around at some really great nature/autumn related projects and I thought I would share. How do I decide which one I start with? 🙂 You?

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Get Happy!!

Cue the music! (I love this song!) This summer I was lucky enough to hear Shawn Achor speak. It was an amazing and inspirational talk and after that I had to read his book, The Happiness Advantage. (How had I missed this book before?!?) There are so many great ideas in this book to kick start your own happiness.

His premise is that happiness needs to come first and then success will more easily follow. If you find ways (and there are many in the book) to be happy in the present then you will be more successful in the future in all ways – more productivity at work, more fulfilling relationships, etc. The book is filled with anecdotal and research based evidence to prove his theory and make you want to start work on your happiness immediately. Its the perfect time to GET HAPPY!!

Is it Fall Yet?

About this time of the year, I start thinking about the cooler weather coming. Down here in South Texas, we won’t see fall until about the end of October but I grew up in Kansas where we would have a crisp coolness in the morning air around September.

It doesn’t matter if we won’t feel it for a while, I’m ready for it so I’m making it happen in my mind. That’s why I’m starting in on soups! I recently got an Instant Pot to help alleviate the cooking heat in my kitchen in 100 degree summers and it is perfect for my step forward into soup season.

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Back to School – Stop the Germs!

My son has recently started back to his sweet little church school and public school starts next week. That means that the germ factories have already started to ramp up. If you put that many kiddos together, it can only mean a drain on immune systems. However, there are ways to support those little systems and keep them running smoothly. Healthier kids means happier moms and families. I know I’d rather be doing just about anything than watching my son suffer with even the smallest of illness.

1. Let’s start with sleep. Yes, it seems so simple but when your body is short on sleep, it can suppress the immune system and even make it harder to get well. School-age kids need between 9 and 11 hours of sleep every night. In our house we have to start early to create those nighttime routines and they don’t always come easy.

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The Loome


Loome on the left in the works with silk eyelash yarn and crochet cotton.
Mini-weaving at the bottom woven with recycled sari yarn that will be added to a bracelet. Pompom and tassels made with the Loome on the right.

I am a little obsessed with weaving lately – any kind of weaving. When I saw this cute little loom, or Loome, I though it would be fun and it is! Because of the shape of these little looms, they are not just for weaving. They are great for pompoms, tassels, and friendship bracelet type of cording. Very versatile.

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