Be Well

Are You Up for a Meditation Challenge?

Are you ready for this? I sure am. I have been needing to take the attention to my well-being up a notch or two. I would love for you to join my in the process.

Every day I will post a new tip on Facebook to help you on your meditation journey. Find the info here.

I am going to try to different apps on my phone to start. Simple Habit and Smiling Mind. I would love to hear what you think of each of these and whether or not they work for you. If you find something that works better, please share that in our Facebook group.

Let’s all encourage each other to be healthier and happier. Maybe it will rub off on others.

A More Healthy Way to Take on Mold

With all the flooding in South Texas in the past week and still happening, the go to for clean up is usually bleach. But is that really the best thing to use? It might not be…

Bleach does kill mold but it’s not as effective as you might think. Bleach consists of 90% water which is the exact liquid that got the mold growing in the first place. Also, bleach is meant to clean non-porous surfaces – not to soak in to wood and wall-board. So the wall may look clean but may not actually be free of mold.

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Make Your Own – Almond Butter

This is a throwback post from 2 kitchens ago but its such an easy and healthy thing to make it is worth repeating!

If you have ever priced or purchased Almond Butter at the market then you will know how expensive it is. Well, if you have the supplies pictured above you can make your own for less and control the ingredients included (think sugar)! I did not attempt this without any guidance. I found this great recipe and tutorial at Katie’s blog Dishin’ and Dishes. She goes through the steps with great pictures so that I could make sure that what I was doing was right. It seems like your food processor will go on forever but just be patient, the almonds WILL turn into butter. A great addition to the almonds is Cinnamon Bark essential oil – you only need a drop or 2! (Here’s the kind I use.)




Is it Fall Yet?

About this time of the year, I start thinking about the cooler weather coming. Down here in South Texas, we won’t see fall until about the end of October but I grew up in Kansas where we would have a crisp coolness in the morning air around September.

It doesn’t matter if we won’t feel it for a while, I’m ready for it so I’m making it happen in my mind. That’s why I’m starting in on soups! I recently got an Instant Pot to help alleviate the cooking heat in my kitchen in 100 degree summers and it is perfect for my step forward into soup season.

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Back to School – Stop the Germs!

My son has recently started back to his sweet little church school and public school starts next week. That means that the germ factories have already started to ramp up. If you put that many kiddos together, it can only mean a drain on immune systems. However, there are ways to support those little systems and keep them running smoothly. Healthier kids means happier moms and families. I know I’d rather be doing just about anything than watching my son suffer with even the smallest of illness.

1. Let’s start with sleep. Yes, it seems so simple but when your body is short on sleep, it can suppress the immune system and even make it harder to get well. School-age kids need between 9 and 11 hours of sleep every night. In our house we have to start early to create those nighttime routines and they don’t always come easy.

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