Day 5 – Keep in Touch with a Note

There is nothing better than a sweet little note from a friend when you need a little pick-up. Now you can be the one offering some encouragement. The message of this image is that there is beauty even in the pointy, uncomfortable times. That’s a sentiment that pretty much everyone could use from time to time.

I created these cards just for Creative. Well. Being. from a photograph of a cactus that I took at the local Botanical Garden and I am sharing them with you in a downloadable and printable file. There are 2 ways to use this file. One page of the file is 2 full cards and all you have to do is print the 1st page on card stock, cut it down the middle and fold the cards in half. Simple!

I have also included a page of just the cactus pictures. You can print the 2nd page, trim them and add them to colored card stock for a different look. These would look really cute on a red card for Christmas!

This file is going to be available as a free download for the full 25 Days of Creative. Well. Being. After that it will be available in the C.W.B. shop. You are welcome to print the file as often as you like. Wishing you happy friend connections!

Print your Own – Rose Cards

As you have probably guessed, I really love to take photos. We have a great Botanical Garden here in town and I have a great time just walking around and shooting blooms and plants. The roses there are great! Continue Reading →

Decorate with Papel Picado

It’s time to decorate! Cinco de Mayo is a great way to celebrate the wonderful culture, handiworks and food of Mexico. We are starting with some Papel Picado in our house.

These lovely cuts are made with a great design file from You can download a file to cut in your digital cutter or a pdf to cut with an X-acto knife. It’s not hard to do, it just takes a little time. Or you can use this tutorial for cutting yours like a snowflake.

Now to figure out the next project for Cinco de Mayo and the food… oh, and the MARGARITAS!!! 🙂

Make your Own: Nature Notecards

I am determined to write more notes and send them in the mail – the actual mail, not e-mail. That being said, I am not one to stick to store-bought or the same cards that everyone else can get. I wanted to make some of my own. And they are so easy!

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