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Back to School – Stop the Germs!

My son has recently started back to his sweet little church school and public school starts next week. That means that the germ factories have already started to ramp up. If you put that many kiddos together, it can only mean a drain on immune systems. However, there are ways to support those little systems and keep them running smoothly. Healthier kids means happier moms and families. I know I’d rather be doing just about anything than watching my son suffer with even the smallest of illness.

1. Let’s start with sleep. Yes, it seems so simple but when your body is short on sleep, it can suppress the immune system and even make it harder to get well. School-age kids need between 9 and 11 hours of sleep every night. In our house we have to start early to create those nighttime routines and they don’t always come easy.

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All Natural Dental Health

There are several ways to keep your teeth and mouth healthy and keep it harsh-chemical free. I put together some of my favorite dental supports in a shareable booklet. There are different supplements, oils, and recipes. My hope is that these will be a help to as many people as possible. I would love to hear how any of these ideas helps you! Download here!


It’s All About your Gut!

I’m such an advocate of natural healing and there is more and more evidence that most health issues are affected by the state of your gut. I have put together a collection of ways to support your gut while keeping it all natural. You can download this printable PDF here. I would love to hear how these solutions work for you!

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Make Your Own – Lavender Sugar Scrub

This is one of the easiest spa gifts you can make! And it smells REALLY GOOD!

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Make your Own – Natural Shampoo

We are making lots of changes in our house to eliminate harsh chemicals and replace them with all-natural ingredients. This shampoo recipe does that and would also make a great spa gift. It is easy to make and easy to dress up for gifting.

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