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Are You Up for a Meditation Challenge?

Are you ready for this? I sure am. I have been needing to take the attention to my well-being up a notch or two. I would love for you to join my in the process.

Every day I will post a new tip on Facebook to help you on your meditation journey. Find the info here.

I am going to try to different apps on my phone to start. Simple Habit and Smiling Mind. I would love to hear what you think of each of these and whether or not they work for you. If you find something that works better, please share that in our Facebook group.

Let’s all encourage each other to be healthier and happier. Maybe it will rub off on others.

And it Will Smell Like Fall Too


Even though I have lived in South Texas for a very long time, every year I long for the feeling of fall we had growing up in Kansas. We don’t have much of a fall here and it doesn’t happen until about late October so I have to manufacture it!

My son is really too old for playdough but I thought I would give it a try anyway. The idea of playing with squishy playdough that smells like apples and cinnamon was just too big of a draw for me. It seemed like a bit of a stress reliever too. A great addition would be Essential Oils. Cinnamon Bark Essential Oil smells amazing and supports immunity. Save this recipe for Christmastime and sub out the Cinnamon Bark for Peppermint Essential Oil. What a great gift for kiddos too!

Thanks to Kimberly from Natural Beach Living for sharing this taste of fall and fun with us!

Make the Most of the End of Summer

In some parts of the country you creative types are already looking at worsted weight projects and toasty slippers. But down here in far South Texas, we are still in the thick of summer. Wherever you happen to live, there is still time for a few last weeks of tank wearing weather.

To help you (and me) out, I did a little research to seek out my last summer pattern. Whether you choose to sew or knit, here are a few simple patterns that are ready to go.

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A Crafty and Early Autumn!

Just like my post about soup, I push the fall crafting season up too. Even though it is not getting much cooler yet in South Texas, I’m ready to start making! So I looked around at some really great nature/autumn related projects and I thought I would share. How do I decide which one I start with? 🙂 You?

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Get Happy!!

Cue the music! (I love this song!) This summer I was lucky enough to hear Shawn Achor speak. It was an amazing and inspirational talk and after that I had to read his book, The Happiness Advantage. (How had I missed this book before?!?) There are so many great ideas in this book to kick start your own happiness.

His premise is that happiness needs to come first and then success will more easily follow. If you find ways (and there are many in the book) to be happy in the present then you will be more successful in the future in all ways – more productivity at work, more fulfilling relationships, etc. The book is filled with anecdotal and research based evidence to prove his theory and make you want to start work on your happiness immediately. Its the perfect time to GET HAPPY!!