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An Epiphany Project

It is a new tradition in our house to celebrate Epiphany. And because I am who I am 😉I had to create a little project to decorate for the big day. This is a simple little hand sewing decoration that I cooked up to highlight the star that led the three wise men to Jesus.

You simply blanket stitch wool felt stars together and stuff them! (Okay, there are few more steps than that but not many.)

I sewed the main star (with the tail) together with silver embroidery thread but thread choice is totally up to you. Gold would be pretty too.

The next step is stitching on some lovely ribbon and adding a button to the front. So easy!! Here’s the pattern that I created for you to use.

You can hang them on a stick you found outside (like I did) or a dowel rod or all separately on hooks on the wall. Once they are hung you can read the story of the wise men, or three kings, or however you refer to the travelers from the east that came so far to pay tribute and worship at the feet of a baby king. Some possibilities for reading are, of course, Matthew 2:1-12, The Three Wise Men: A Christmas Story by Loek Koopmans, or The Story of the Three Wise Kings by Tomie DePaola (found in lots of libraries). Happy King‘s Day to you!!

Joy of Achievement

Hot Carob? With Peppermint???

Yes, I know, it doesn’t sound as yummy as Hot Chocolate. But when you are a chocolate lover that developed a chocolate allergy, you do the next best thing… Hot Carob! And then to amp up that flavor even more, how about some peppermint flavor (or cinnamon)? This recipe can absolutely be made with real chocolate too – I made it that way for Malcolm and he loved it! Continue Reading →

Shower Fizz

I love a good bath as much as anyone but I take a shower every day so I need something luxurious and beneficial for my shower too. The means a shower melt or fizz. They are so easy to make and so versatile. You create several at a time without any fragrance and then add your own as you need a certain aroma. Continue Reading →

Lighten the Load

When it comes to clutter, I think we all have a bit lying around. Hopefully not like the pic!

Well, clutter can definitely put a crimp in your overall well-being. I have tried so many de-cluttering ideas, but the one that works best for us is to get rid of one thing every day. It is really simple but the beauty of this rule is in how vague it actually is. One thing every day can mean one toy, one item of clothing, or one dish. Or, on a tough day, it can mean one slip of paper and on a “gung-ho” day, it can mean one box or one bag! (Those days are my favorite but they don’t happen that often.)

The point of this is to be mindful of what you can handle each day. If you are naturally drawn to clutter then take it slow and if you are ready to make the move to minimalism then a box it is!