Make the Most of the End of Summer


In some parts of the country you creative types are already looking at worsted weight projects and toasty slippers. But down here in far South Texas, we are still in the thick of summer. Wherever you happen to live, there is still time for a few last weeks of tank wearing weather.

To help you (and me) out, I did a little research to seek out my last summer pattern. Whether you choose to sew or knit, here are a few simple patterns that are ready to go.

The Willow Tank from Grainline Studio is sweet and simple and the best part… it can be a dress too! PDF or Paper Patterns available.

The Gemma Tank from Made by Rae is also simple and sweet with a great shirttail hem. This is a PDF pattern only. Download and go!

The Notched Hem Tank is a great free! knitting pattern from Purl Soho. I just love the side detail that makes it much more interesting than a regular tank. It would be great made even longer as a tunic.

Last but definitely not least is the Beekeeper’s Tank by Nicole Montgomery. A knitting pattern with a special detail in the yoke. It has a great shape for skimming right over any not so skinny areas.

So, now that you have a few more options, will you take on just one more summer project? I would love to see them! #makelifecreative

Sticker Burr Outdoors


A good friend of ours has just written a wonderful book for boys. It is called First Deer. It is about a boy going hunting with dad and all that goes in to the journey. We are so excited to be a part of Brian’s journey. Our company, Chilcoat Studios, was hired to create the new logo and to layout the book. We are in the process of setting up the website and various other marketing things.

Before that happened we needed photographs so I got to do one of my favorite things! We rounded up a bunch of boys from Malcolm’s scout troop and family friends, dressed them up and started shooting.


These boys did such a great job following my direction and it was really hot and sticky that day! Be on the lookout for the website to order your own Sticker Burr Outdoors t-shirts, hats, and another way to order the book First Deer!


Bergamot – My Favorite Oil!


Bergamot is the wonderful fruit that gives Earl Grey its delicious smell and taste. Christopher Columbus found this orange-like fruit in the Canary Islands and brought it back to Italy. The Italians used bergamot to cool and relieve fevers and protect against malaria. I just love it for it’s aroma. One whiff and creates a wonderful feeling of calm and makes me happy. I have a little leather bracelet that Malcolm made for me and I put three drops on the inside of the bracelet every morning to diffuse all day. Have you tried Bergamot Essential Oil?

For more information about essential oils and why I use the brand I do, click here.

A Great Pattern for Summer!


I am trying to make more and more of my family’s clothing. It is definitely difficult to find the time but I am making a real effort to do so. When I find a pattern that is quick and easy, I go for it! This relaxed Hi-Low Top pattern from Seamingly Smitten (cute name, hunh?) fits my criteria perfectly. I probably could have put this together in an evening but I took a bit longer because I finished the edges by hand (another thing I am trying to do on every garment). I love the way it is longer in the back and covers my backside. 🙂


Finishing by hand is just something I enjoy doing and it forces me to slow down and think about the journey not just the finished product.

I will be making more of these! I would love to know what you are sewing lately…

A New Pattern! An Award Ribbon


This was a recent project for a client. She wanted award ribbons for party decor. I looked around at different ways people had made them and played around with their ideas but in the end, created my own way. This way seemed to work best for me and created an even and easy-to-make ribbon. I have created several of these and will make more!

Included in this pattern/tutorial are a few different options for you to personalize your ribbon for your own use. I would love to see your final product! You can get your Award Ribbon Pattern here.



Simple Crocheting


I have fallen in love with a new book called Simple Crocheting by Erika Knight. It is so beautifully and simply done that I can’t stop looking at it. Because I don’t crochet very often, I have to go back and refresh myself whenever I do. This book makes it easy (with straightforward projects) to get right back into the stitches. I created the tablemat in just a few hours. I used Creative Linen yarn from Rowan. It is a lovely natural yarn.


This blanket may be my next big project. It is natural and elegant. After a few more tablemats…


Make Your Own – Almond Butter


If you have ever priced or purchased Almond Butter at the market then you will know how expensive it is. Well, if you have the supplies pictured above you can make your own for less and control the ingredients included (think sugar)!  I did not attempt this without any guidance. I found this great recipe and tutorial at Katie’s blog Dishin’ and Dishes. She goes through the steps with great pictures so that I could make sure that what I was doing was right. It seems like your food processor will go on forever but just be patient, the almonds WILL turn into butter. A great addition to the almonds is Cinnamon Bark essential oil – you only need a drop or 2! (Find out more about essential oils here.)



Crochet Edge Hankie


This is a simple and fairly quick project. I cut a 11 inch square of linen and pressed a very thin hem along all of the edges. I used a very small crochet hook to create a foundation row all the way around the fabric. I then did a single crochet row all the way around. The final row is made by chaining 3 then single crochet into every other single crochet of the row before. I used perle cotton for this hankie but any crochet thread will work. I just like the color of the perle. Maybe for Mother’s Day? Add some essential oil goodies and you have created a great gift!

Spring Scarf


I just love the English floral crafty sensibility. It is happy and bright and unapologetically girly. This website – The Cottage Home – offers a tutorial for an infinity scarf that is easy to follow. It only requires basic sewing skills and tools. I would love to see your finished products!

I just couldn’t resist making my own spring scarf so I picked the girliest fabric (from Joann Fabrics) I could find and went for it. It was super-easy and took less than an hour. This would be a great Mother’s Day gift, don’t ya think? I think I need to make a few more!

Make Your Own – Thieves Foaming Hand Soap


Because I understand the immunity support benefits of having Thieves Oil around all the time, I love using it in any cleaning products. It smells SO good!! I am making more and more of my own healthy, natural cleaning products using Thieves. (My All-Purpose Cleaner is here.)

This is the latest and so easy to make. I added a little Orange Oil to the mix for a fresh addition. I would love to hear what you think of it.

Learn more about Young Living Essential Oils here.