Peppermint Everyday!

I cannot say enough good things about Peppermint Oil. I use it daily. It is uplifting, it clears out my sinuses, has a cooling effect on stiff muscles and tensioned heads, and just generally smells amazing. I also add a few drops when I’m making brownies for chocolate-minty goodness. How do you use Peppermint Oil?

For more information about essential oils and why I use the brand I do, click here.

Its Time to Decorate!

I have never been the most enthusiastic about Halloween but this year is different. Malcolm is too old to trick-or-treat and he loves handing out the candy. So that means we are staying home and making our own fun and decorations. I have starting doing some looking around (and “Pin-ing”, of course) and the ideas above are where we are going to start.

  1. Spiderwebs out of black plastic trash bags from Fast Forward.
  2. Little mice hiding around the corner from Martha Stewart.
  3. This monster at the door will be great fun on Halloween night!
  4. The bats are loose – all over the walls! Such a cute idea from Made Everyday.

What ideas have you found?


In the Works


This is what I have in the works right now – a new set of sweet little curtains for the laundry room. As you can see if you look at the top of the photo, the room still needs a TON of work but I had to get rid of the sad polyester curtains that were there when we moved in:          (aren’t they awful?!?)


Simple little curtains like this are very easy to create. And with all the really cute printed duck cloth available, you can update any room inexpensive modern cottons. A tutorial to share is on my list for simple curtains. Coming soon!

What do you have In The Works?


Speed Autumn Along

AutumnCraftsI have been noticing lots of excitement over the beginning stages of autumn on Instagram and Facebook. However, down here in South Texas, we have a little time yet before the heat breaks. I wanted to get in on the excitement too, though, so I looked around at some really great nature/autumn related projects and I thought I would share. How do I decide which one I start with? 🙂 You?

  1. Isn’t that the cutest coaster? Make up a whole bunch of them and string them up for a great fall garland. Find Elizabeth Murphy’s pattern here on Ravelry.
  2. I love the shape of this twig wreath. (Is it a wreath if it’s not round?) It would look great with a letter in the middle too! Find the how-to from Design, Dining, and Diapers here.
  3. This feather garland would be cool in lots of different colors too. The tutorial shows how to make this to last too. Available on How Did You Make This? here.
  4. These little nature sculptures would make a great personal essential oil diffuser to place right near your work space or as you are sipping tea. (Use air-dry clay instead of the Sculpey recommended in the how-to.) They would also be a great extension of a nature table or nature walk. Find the Plum Pudding tutorial here.

Are you creating anything for autumn? I would love to see it! Use #makelifecreative on Instagram to show your projects!

The Loome


Loome on the left in the works with silk eyelash yarn and crochet cotton.
Mini-weaving at the bottom woven with recycled sari yarn that will be added to a bracelet.
Pompom and tassels made with the Loome on the right.

I am a little obsessed with weaving lately – any kind of weaving. When I saw these cute little looms, or Loomes, I though they would be fun and they are! Because of the shape, they are not just for weaving. They are great for pompoms, tassels, and friendship bracelet type of cording. Very versatile. Their website has great little videos and instructions to help you make all kinds of cute fiber-y things.


I have tried a few different things – mini-weavings, some tassels, and a pompom. Have you seen the dangly tassels hanging off colorful purses? They are so cute and fun so I created my own to go on my handmade bag. (More on the bag later.)


The pompom was created with heavy worsted wool yarn and the tassels with sparkly crochet cotton. I then took the strings that they hang from and strung them with glass beads. I threaded the tassel strings through the middle of the pompom and tied them off at the top. That way it is all connected and hangs just right. I gotta make a few more of these!